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I’ve written 240+ articles for VR Fitness Insider. You can find my author link here.

I’ve written 110+ articles for Reality Technologies. Find my author link here.


VR Game Spotlight (Reality Technologies)

VR Game Roundup (VR Fitness Insider)

VRLA 2018: Creating a New Reality With VR Tech, Games, and Experiences

20 Tips for Creed: Rise to Glory Boxing and Fitness Training

Music in VR Empowers the Brain and Body to Push Past Fatigue

Towards a Perilous Journey Releases January 25 for Oculus and Viveport

PhaseSpace Has 6DoF Indoor and Outdoor VR Tracking System

NexTech AR Solutions and ARitize Help Cannabis Businesses and Consumers Get Informed

New Shepard Fairey “DAMAGED” VR and AR Art Experience Released!

First Man Film Gets Oscar Buzz and On Boards VR and AR Tech

Try On Shoes Using This Augmented Reality App for iOS

Childish Gambino Dances Onto Google AR Playground for Pixel

Augmented Reality PSAs for Canadian Cannabis Education

Tyra Banks Pivots to Tech-Forward Amusement Park Owner

Oculus Launches ‘The Hidden’ to Shed Light on Human Trafficking and Slavery

HTC Vive Announces Professional and Business Grade Vive Focus Plus

Topgolf Swing Suite Launches in the Spring at THE ROW in Reno

‘Zingoshi Chronicles’ Uses AR to Help Children Build Confidence (VRScout)

Who’s Helping Take VR to New Heights?


METAL VR PINBALL is a Kick-Ass Indie Game for Oculus Rift, Go, Gear and Quest

Trinity’s Pilot Episode for VR Plays with Perspective

Skyworld is an Arena-Style Strategy Card Game for Tabletop Fans

A Fisherman’s Tale is a Meta Puzzle with a Mystery!

Cinderella VR is a Fairy Tale with Mini Games for Kids!

Hotel Transylvania Popstic VR Game Review – Bubble Poppin’, Moving Obstacles, and Legs

Satori Sounds Review – VR Meditation With 360-Degree Sounds and Environments

WiseMind Review – Meditation, Musical Tai-Chi, and Calming Exercises

Dance Collider VR Game Review – Satisfying Arm Cascades and EDM Galore

To The Top VR Game Review – Arm Intense Coordination Courses


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