In order to provide you with high-quality content with the most efficient deliverable time on my end, I’ll need to know more about the project (s) you have in mind.

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About Your Project

To help us maximize our collaboration I’ll need to know more information about:

  • What type of writing or copywriting project you have in mind.
  • Content goals, expectations, and tone.
  • If the project is per word, per project, rush delivery (24-hour window), ghostwritten, by-line is given to the author, etc.
  • Project start date, due dates, and project completion dates.
  • If SEO keywords and best practices are needed.
  • If there is a writing guideline to be used.
  • Preferred project delivery method (email, Upwork, Trello, etc.).
  • How you prefer your invoice to be sent and payment. I will try to accommodate you, just let me know what you prefer.


Please contact me to discuss rates and your project’s budget.

Let’s talk about it!

Agreement Letter

After discussing the project and deciding to work together, I or we may decide to use an agreement letter.

If an agreement letter is used it will outline:

  • Agreed upon service(s).
    • What the project is and what it is not.
    • Proof edit limit.
  • Start and delivery date(s).
  • Final deliverables and delivery terms.
  • Rate(s).
  • Payment terms.