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VR Fitness Insider, Staff Writer

Juanita Leatham is a staff writer for VR Fitness Insider. She writes about the virtual reality and fitness industry’s emerging news, products, and real-life applications.

She also covers established to indie studios changing the VR industry, fitness apps, innovations, game reviews, and new releases. Juanita supports large and small biz, DIY, and nerds out over VR, AR, and MR tech that helps people.

Reality Technologies, Writer

Juanita is a writer and copywriter with a demonstrable history of writing for and about the VR, AR, MR, and XR ecosystems. She can be found writing for publications like VR Fitness Insider, Reality Technologies, and is here to help readers get informed about life-changing tech.


I’ve had and continue to have the opportunity to write about some really amazing companies that are behind some of the most groundbreaking technological innovations of our time.

Follow their respective links to read about their contributions to the world.


Xenodu and helping children with autism VR mention

There are many different ways that VR and surrounding technologies can connect children and adults with autism to the world around them. In the article How VR is Helping Children With Autism Navigate the World Around Them (click here), I wrote about the community of people, creators, app developers and companies that are rallying behind people with disabilities with creative communication and social solutions. XENODU posted my article on June 30, 2018, here.



Holosuit VR mention

Holosuit is a wireless haptic and data tracking suit for VR, AR, and MR devices and applications. In the article, HoloSuit Kickstarter to Fund Production of Smart Clothing for VR Fitness, Sports and Games (click here), I covered how the full body suit’s full body tracking will influence sports and gaming in and out of virtual reality. Holosuit posted the article I wrote on their website on June 10, 2018, here.

Green Play LLC

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In his whitepaper, USING TECHNOLOGY IN PARKS & RECREATION: A New Spectrum of Reality, John Rainey, cites an article I wrote as a reference source. The piece focuses on the ways that technology and virtual reality are contributing to the ways we play, exercise, and thrive. The article Ready Player One Your Life With VR Fitness (click here) was the article that he cited and can be read here as PDF.


Cleanbox VRFI mention (1)Cleanbox is a top of the line and super fast cleaning and hygiene solution for VR headsets and tech. As a great hygiene solution for businesses and arcades in the industry, I wrote about Cleanbox in the article VRLA 2018: Creating a New Reality With VR Tech, Games, and Experiences (click here). They gave the article I wrote a shout out on their In The Press section for website visitors to view. You can see the quote on the Cleanbox website here.


CVRNUSA News VRLA (1)After visiting the VR, AR, MR, and XR tech festival VRLA 2018 I wrote an article for VR Fitness Insider called VRLA 2018: Creating a New Reality With VR Tech, Games, and Experiences (click here) which discussed the future of the industry and where it is currently. I selected and interviewed specific businesses that would best showcase the industry’s diverse health and well-being related companies, studios, and demos at VRLA. CVRNUSA, or the Cannabis Virtual Reality Network, posted my article on May 9, 2018, as a contributing story for their News section here.


psfk-2018-04-hardlight-vr-suit-haptic-feedback-gamingI wrote an article about NullSpace VR’s Hardlight VR haptic gaming suit called Hardlight VR Suit: Feel What It’s Like To Fight In VR (click here) for VR Fitness Insider. This article was used in a PSFK article as a source for their content. You can find my article link in their article Gaming Suit Adds Tactile Element To VR Experiences here.


Play Biba!

screencapture-bibaventures-vr-fitness-insider-profiles-biba-2018-04-16-14_12_51.pngI wrote an article called Biba’s AR App Is Bringing Play Time Back For Kids And Parents (click here) that was featured on the Play Biba! website. The article profiled how the Biba app can transform smart park equipment into an interactive game that promotes exercise through play. You can find the VR Fitness Insider Profiles Biba Link mention here.


VR Fitness Insider

Batter Up: New Changes to Monsterful VR Baseball Training by Juanita Leatham

I wrote an article called Batter Up: New Changes to Monsterful VR Baseball Training (click here) that covered Monsterful VR’s RibeeVR baseball simulation. The virtual reality sports simulator helps give professional and amateur batters an edge in competition through virtual repetition. The article was posted on the VR Fitness Insider Instagram page in February 2018.

VR Room

vrroom vr weight loss by juanita leatham

I wrote a comprehensive article called Can You Really Lose Weight In Virtual Reality? (click here) that was featured on the VRROOM website. The article showed how virtual reality has helped 9 individuals in healthy and diverse ways. Read more about their stories and ways to incorporate VR into your exercise routine. You can find the VRROOM Post Can You Really Lose Weight In Virtual Reality? link here.