About Me

Juanita Leatham - Writer, Copywriter, and Creative

Hi, I’m Juanita Leatham!

I’m a freelance writer, copywriter, and creative living in Los Angeles, California with my husband.

Twists, Turns, and My Writing Career

I started off my writing career at Cal State Northridge, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (2003-2007).

Like most creative paths, mine was not linear. For 9 years (2008-2017), I was a special education assistant, teacher’s assistant, and substitute teacher. At the time, I was also a proofreader, editor, live music and entertainment writer, and blogger.

The Pursuit and Expansion

Pursuing my life’s passion, I began writing and ghostwriting full-time in 2017. As a life long learner, I completed The Complete Digital Marketing Course and Copywriting Secrets on Udemy.

These courses have significantly sharpened my digital marketing and copywriting skills so I can help entrepreneurs and businesses stay on the forefront of digital publication.

As a content writer and copywriter, I help businesses and individuals strategize with marketing research, Google Analytics, SEO, and AdWords. I also make web pages shine by writing on platforms like WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Email, Facebook, and more.

With expansion on my brain, I also specialize in content writing articles, blog posts, interview questions, event coverage, and product reviews in the realms of:

  • Technology and gaming
  • Art, music, and film
  • Fitness and well-being
  • Cannabis and CBD
  • Environmental, education, and social issues
  • Products, businesses, events

I’ve written about a plethora of topics and can write for you and your business too!

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