Biz Procrastinators, Hire a Writer Now for 2020

Don’t wait until more of the last minute to book a writer. Prepare for 2020 with new blog posts, web store and site content, social media and more!

Winter isn’t all about sipping hot cocoa and relaxing warm by a fire. The month of December is for thinking ahead and writing new content!

With the days getting shorter, it’s the perfect time for businesses and entrepreneurs to think of the future and to reinvigorate their blog content, website, digital storefront, and marketing content with a word makeover.

How do I get my content writing done now? It’s so late. I’d rather hibernate till Spring!

Trust me on this, I feel you. Here’s how to get writing done with just a few perspective shifts…

  1. You’ve got a lot to accomplish in 2020. Starting day one of the new decade with writing on the brain sounds like the introduction to a comedy plotline – scrambling, last-minute edits, stress in a time of fresh starts. You see where this is headed. Hiring a writer to work with you to pick out the most important parts of your business story so a website reflects that will get the right people to find you, click on you, and buy the things you sell! Creating a blog or social media content strategy for Quarter 1 while still in December is going to take action and edits. But! It will be less stressful than realizing it half-way through February. Also, apologizing to your readers and followers for leaving them out in the cold for months will suck. A new year always means new content! Let’s do this.
  2. Plan ahead to get ahead. We all have New Years Business Resolutions and there’s no better time than now to start creating social media ads and planned posts for new and returning products, services, collabs, and event appearances. Your web store might sell t-shirts with cool graphics, hand-made items that smell luxurious, or maybe you’re planning the release of your game or app. Introducing writers to your new product will give them details to pull from that shows personality and tells a story, which leads to better store descriptions. It’s also really boring to list features like a robot. Do you want to be boring? Nopesville, there’s too much on the line.
  3. Think about the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU mentality. We all procrastinate, but the point here is to learn from the mistakes of yesteryear and the years before that. It’s possible that we just got busy and life got ahead of us. Whatever the reason, it happens. Let’s see with new eyes in the new year. We have to have a vision for what we want to accomplish. This isn’t cooking and throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. This is research-based writing to catch and hold the attention of your target market with the content they and you deserve.

Hire Me As Your Writer – I’m Here For You

Bringing aboard a writer before the year turns over to a fresh page really does give you an advantage. It’s not only going to help put your mind at ease to plan ahead, but it also puts you at steps above the competition.

Working with me makes the publication process a simpler and more transparent one to navigate. I’m here for you – from the idea stage to planning, in-person or online, to writing and editing in Google Drive and turning in the content through Trello, Asana, WordPress, and beyond.

Juanita L.

Now is the best time to get ahead. If that’s not your style, talk to me in January, the Spring, or throughout the year. I’m here for you!

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