Writer and Copywriter

Hi, I’m Juanita Leatham!

I’m a writer and copywriter living in Los Angeles, California with my husband.

Writing Is For The Bold at Heart

Being creative isn’t just thinking outside the box on a whim. It’s being in the moment and seeing what is and what can be. To be curious and to ask questions and build connections is where my creativity flows from.

Formally trained, I have a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from California State University Northridge (2003-2007). Since graduating, writing creatively has helped provide me with a foundation to produce unique and fresh content.

Like most creative paths, mine was not linear. For about 9 years (2008-2017), I was a special education assistant, teacher’s assistant, and substitute teacher. During this time, I was also an editor, live music and entertainment writer, and freelance writer.

Since I started writing full time in 2017, I’ve written hundreds of articles on VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).¬†Writing has led me to talk about technology, fitness, well-being, social issues, entertainment, education, art, music, film, and other areas of interest.

As a professional and creative writer, I craft content and copy that helps businesses and websites connect to their customers, readers, and community.

Say Hello!

If you want to get to discuss creative ideas or are looking to hire a relatable yet professional writer please reach out and send me a message.