Writer and Copywriter

Hi, I’m Juanita Leatham!

I’m a writer and copywriter living in Los Angeles, California with my husband.

A bit about me – I earned my B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from California State University Northridge (2003-2007). For about 9 years (2008-2017), I was a full-time special education assistant, teacher’s assistant, and substitute teacher. During this time, I was also an editor, live music and entertainment writer, and freelanced as needed.

Since I started writing full time in 2017, I’ve written hundreds of articles on VR and AR, technology trends, fitness, well-being, social issues, entertainment, education, art, music, and other areas of interest.

As a professional and creative writer, I create content and copy that grows businesses, causes, products, and websites more visibility with their customers, readers, and fans.

To live a life of balance as a writer, I enjoy playing PC video games like Overwatch with my husband and friends. When playing VR, I pick rhythm VR games like Beat Saber, re-energize my mind with meditation apps, and love VR experiences of all kinds.

When I’m not writing for others, I write and read fiction (working on short stories and screenwriting) and poetry (witty haikus are the jam). I also collect vinyl records and listen to anything I can get my hands or ears on.

I’m inspired by movies and TV shows that are in the comedy, mystery, and horror genres. Feel free to quiz me on Simpsons and Futurama trivia (I love learning new tidbits)! Or, drop me a quote if you’re a fan!

This is what has and continues to inspire me to be a writer!

If you want to get to know me better, discuss creative ideas, or are looking to hire a relatable yet professional writer please reach out and send me a message.